Data types

let’s talk about data.

Most data is really boils down to just a few types. There are strings, integers, and floats for the most part. Strings are, well, a string of characters or letters naturally. Integers are whole numbers. Floats are decimal numbers.

Some examples of strings.

  • ”” an empty string

  • ”a” a simple string

  • “hello world” my favorite string

  • “\n\t\e\d” a string of special characters. newline, tab, escape, backspace

Some examples of integers

  • 2 a positive whole number

  • 0 zero

  • -5 a negative number

Some examples of Floats

    1. 123 some decimal
    1. 1415927 some of pi
  • -1.0 a negative number that is equal to the integer -1

Complex Data Types

Sometimes there is a certain type of data we use over and over again. Usually when this happens we make some standard for it. Some examples like this are Timestamps, Regexp, Arrays, Hashes

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21 May 2012