Keynote by Aaron Patterson

He said we fail at everything, explained why people are scared of change and “mature” programmers have gotten that way for a reason.A Said we need an interface for everything. Most specifically for Queues like Rabbit, Zero, Sidekick, etc.

Taming The Kraken by Nathen Harvey from CustomInk

They used Vagrant and chef and wrote the contiki project we did for a year.

Sustainable Productivity with Rails by Xavier Shay from Square

He talked about what I understand hexagonal architecture to be. Things like having one point of external dependency. Using tools like his implementation of Cane and the like to find code smell via scripts and applications.

Lets Make the Web Faster by Ilya Grigorik from Google

Demoed tools in chrome to see what takes so long with websites.

The average web page takes 10 seconds to completely load.

The average web page loads 84 resources.

Talked about optimizing the rest of the stack, not just that one slow sql query.

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24 April 2012