DHH keynote

DDH warns us about thinking old and being risk adverse.

says fuck 18 times.

Humorous and enjoyable talk overall.

Designing HyperMedia APIs by Steve Klabnik

Rails REST is not the same as the original white paper REST.

Use the JSON response to render the GUI.

Return links in your JSON

good talk overall. He plays starcraft 2 and watches Day 9

Practical Machine Learning by Cantino and Stout

Overview of machine learning.

effective techniques overview.

You could see if people are happy or upset based on emoticons in twitter messages.

Rails Engines by Andy Maleh from Groupon

In one sentence, use inheritance techniques with engines as you would with models or what not.

Detailed concrete practice learnings.

Talk would have been better using the intro of Ryan Bigg

Roomba on Rails by Charles Abbot (tail end)

Played the emperor’s march via midi on the roomba.

Use the Source Luke with Data Sourcing Events by Keith Gaddis

Basically he said make your database like Git and store the events that lead to the changes.

Easier said than done, but it lets you replay events.

NOTE your actions must be deterministic

(CL) This is how starcraft 2 does replays. a SQL database of events

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23 April 2012